Touching Caley wasn’t possible at first, but eventually they practiced what is known as “kangaroo care,” allowing for skin to skin contact between nike air max 97 parent and child.I feel like kangaroo care was the most effective form of care I could give Caley,” Denielle said. “The closeness started to mend my broken heart just by being able to hold her close and feel her heartbeat against mine, and the benefits it gave Cal were incredible. She would smile and lift her head just to look in my eyes.”

The bonding moment can also help regulate the infant’s temperature, because if the baby has a fever the parent’s body will naturally pull heat, or give off heat if the baby is cold, Mark said.On Feb. 27, Caley breathed on her own without oxygen assistance, and about a month later she went home, nikeairmaxtnsaustralia¬†weighing 3 pounds, 14 ounces, with just a monitor for her apnea, a precaution Mark said was nike air max 270 for their peace of mind.



Since May 2012, Caley has received developmental therapy, and is hitting milestones, Denielle said.She is currently working on using words and playing independently of Denielle, Anderko said. They follow an “individual family service” plan, following what the family sets as goals.Family and friends were an “amazing support system,” throughout the ordeal, Denielle said.